3D Cartography

3D shaded relief map of places around the world

These maps are realized processing and digitally rendering DEM (Digital Elevation Model) to create an high-quality image printed in fine-art professional photographic paper.

We chose among different DEM sources to achieve the best result case by case.

If you do not find what are you looking for on our store, please contact us: specific area or custom overlay map, we can provide you the product you desire.

3d shaded relief of namib

    We realize 3D shaded relief map with many options:

  • Monochromatic base 3D shaded relief map.
  • 3D shaded relief map with different hypsometric tint based on elevation.
  • 3D shaded relief map with cartography as overlay (geological, topographic and so on).

All maps are printed on a flat surface and there are not any kind of real 3D relief.
Costs depends on map options chose, print sized dimension and material.

3d shaded relief soil map Isle of Elba
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