choropleth map about palermo fountains and column chart
Mar 2020

Palermo's fountains


Nivo, Leaflet, ReactJS, Ant Design, OpenStreetMap


Dashboard, interactive visualization, geovisualization, webapp

"Fountains of Palermo" comes from the curiosity to visualize a very interesting dataset that we found on the Open Data portal of the Municipality of Palermo: fountains and driking fountains in the city of Palermo.
At a first reading, spontaneous questions arose, as: where are the fountains mostly located? In the historical neighbourhoods of the City or in the suburbs? What is the proportion between surface area and fountains, population and fountains compared to other cities of the world? "Fountains of Palermo" try to answer this kind of questions.
Visualization can be divided into three sections: the first one is on the left side of the page and offers the user some contents about the fountains and drinking fountains, a brief historical overview, some background about the city and information about the dataset. The second one is the main part of the visualization and it is composed of two geovisualizations, a choropleth and a heatmap, with the aim of highlighting where the fountains are distributed, the neighbourhoods that have no water points and those that have more available. In the third section it is reported a comparison with other cities of the world, showing surface area and population with the fountains located in the city.

Key features: interactivity, from general to particular.

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