trees and El Oso y el Madroño
Dec 2020

Madrid green treasure


Nivo,, D3.js, Visx, Datalith, Mapbox, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Illustrator, Sketchbook


Scrollytelling, interactive visualization, geovisualization, webapp

Madrid Green Treasure is a visualization realized by Vizart for the GreeMta Challenge, created by Bruno Kessler Foundation and promoted by EIT Climate-KIC’s Cross-KIC Sustainable Cities.
The aim of the challenge is bring to light, through the Open Data provided by the city of Madrid, the positive factors derivated from the presence of green places from a cultural and economic point of view. It was decided to develop a scrollytelling to tell our story about the presence of urban vegetation and his feature.
After a brief general introduction to the topic, the visualization doubles up: the first side scrolls, the side on the right is locked. The locked section is a map that shows geospatial information and aims to orientate the reader within the city districts. The scrolling section has the dual task of introducing topics and examine in depth the information shown on the map.
The two sections are interconnected and actions performed on one affect what is shown on the other. The interactive component is fundamental and its function is enriched by the scrolling of the page.
A final page summarises the datasets used in the entire visualization, the libraries used and their license for use. Particular attention has been paid to the license of the libraries used, in fact in all cases it is Open Source software and MIT licensed.

Key features: scrollytelling, space reuse, interactivity.

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