dashboard with scattermap, waffle and lollipop
Jun 2020

Heritage of Palermo


Highcharts, Nivo, Deck.gl, Mapbox, ReactJS, Ant Design, Illustrator, Sketchbook


Dashboard, interactive visualization, geovisualization, webapp

This project was born from the desire to offer a consultation tool to the citizenry, the public administration and the tourists.
Starting from Open Data provided by Municipality of Palermo, we modified and improved a new dataset, so that the new one could fits our needs. This operation help us to deep understand our data and refine our choice about visualization and design.
We opted for a compact single page application and it was possible thanks to a high interactivity level: through a button panel it’s possible to switch between three different maps that shows various information with a change of scene almost immediate.
On the right side of the screen there are more details about the temporary distribution of the monuments and informations about the status of heritage of the city like typology, architectural style and local authority. This section too is characterized by a high interactivity and through the presence of three buttons it’s possible to obtain more information about typology, style, age and local authority of the heritage available.
On the top left corner there are two buttons: the first one provides insight about the dataset and the charts, the other allow to activate a quick tutorial about the usage of the dashboard.

Key features: compact, space reuse, interactivity, from general to particular.

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