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3D Cartography

Open Data Sicilia 2021

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What is ODS2021

The 2021 Open Data Sicily meeting aims to bring out the value of data. Often the main source of inspiration and projects that have to do with data, which our communities carry out, is the awareness that something - in this context - is not working well or not at all. It is definitely a useful process, which helps to move forward, encourages people not to give up, but as time goes on returns the feeling of a system that does not improve. In this 2021 edition we want to start from data as a source of knowledge, curiosity, enthusiasm. [Read more]


Here you can find podcast of event
Or if you prefer you can check our presentation here.

What we talk about

3D Cartography: a journey through time and space, obstructed by licenses
Our talk at ODS2021 was about 3D cartography, and we structured it in two sections. In the first one we described our process of making 3D maps, explaining the required steps and data, giving some details about the pre-processing of maps and DEMs, and talk about the rendering method. In the second part of our presentation we discussed the situation of licensing and accessibility of the data covered in the first section, looking at the subjects that in Italy distribute geospatial data (such as maps and DEMs), showing positive and critical aspects and comparing with the international scene.


Why a gift? Because we are a community.
Why this map? At first we obviously thought of a map of Sicily, but it seemed not so inclusive, despite Sicily's history embraces so many cultures. A map of Italy?! No, we are not there yet. So? So the Mediterranean, for the opportunities and the freedom it brings, a crossroads for a multitude of people who rely on it for their lives.
Maps not borders!
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Info map
World, Mediterranean, Series: GSGS 2957, Sheet 31A, 1937, 1:4 000 000
Geographical Section, General Staff, War Office, United Kingdom
License: CC BY NC SA.
A Sicily will be coming for #ODS2022.